The Famously Funny Parrot

Freddie Parrott III has the perfect life. Well, at least he has the perfect butler. No matter how much trouble Freddie gets himself into, his loyal butler Peccary is always there to help him out.

But what happens when Freddie’s front door starts knocking all by itself in the middle of the night? Or when his favorite breakfast treat is stolen right out of his kitchen?! These are the days when Freddie must really rise to the challenge, and ask Peccary for extra help.

From the co-creator of the hit children’s show Dora the Explorer comes a hilarious and timeless collection of stories about friendship, adventure, and very serious waffle emergencies.


Freddie Parrott III here with some exciting news. Too exciting, in fact. The stories I have to tell you are rather feather-raising, or hair-raising, in your case. But don’t worry. Somehow my butler and best friend Peccary always finds a way to save the day. And then he and I have a big chuckle—at my expense. They don’t call me famously funny for nothing!